Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alessandro Anzaloni

geboren am 9. August 1947 in Rom
gestorben am 12. Januar 2020 in Salzburg

No words can describe how much we miss Sandro and how deeply his loss hurts, still we wish to cherish his life, his outstanding personality and thankfully remember all the happy moments we shared with him. This is for everyone who wishes to say goodbye, share a memory or just light a candle.



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03/03/1984 San José / California
love forever

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José Henrique de Sousa Damiani
schrieb am 27. Januar 2020 um 14.07 Uhr

I would like to express my deepest condolences and respect for the loss of a very good friend to professor`s Anzaloni family.
I knew Alessandro at ITA and I was fortunate to have him as a very good friend, always smiling and ready to share
a very agreeable thought about our daily live at ITA and our academic activities.
I had the invaluable opportunity of participating with him in a very challenging project,
and Alessandro was always ready to face the challenges this project brought to us in a positive and constructive way.
I have very good memories of his effort to teach business students the structure of the Internet messages and
how they could use the Net to implement their e-commerce initiatives in the early 2000´s.
As we know, Alessandro was a highly regarded expert in telecommunication, I was quite a challenge to present the Internet for business manegers,
and, as always, he did very well.
And, of course, ITA´s engineering students benefit from attending his classes and being his undergraduate and graduate students.
It was a great honor to have Alessandro among our faculty.
Alessandro will always be among us with his sympathy and his joie de vivre.
Rest in peace my very good friend.
José Henrique de Sousa Damiani

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